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The 10 Best Computer Science Scholarships That are Fully Funded

Here is the top 10 top fully funded computer science scholarships in full detail. For your convenience, we’ve also included in this post details of every website that we have listed for your convenience in the application.

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Contrarily, we offer readers in this piece fully paid computer science scholarships at all levels of education from undergraduate to postgraduate.

The graduates of this field are highly sought-after since computers and computer science technology are getting more integrated into every aspect of our lives.

Are you planning to pursue a degree in computer science? You can benefit financially through our fully-funded computer science scholarships, while you focus on your education.

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A computer science scholarship that is fully funded scholarships can have different conditions for each individual scholarship. But, these types of scholarships typically require the following:

  • A resume for an academic course Case Study A letter of motivation that outlines the student’s motivations for registering for the class.
  • Summary of test results (transcripts) certificates and diplomas (first-year bachelor’s, first-year, and/or higher).
  • The names of referees as well as contact details (for recommendations letters) documents proving English ability (TOEFL or equivalent) Passport photocopies are required.

There are many fully funded scholarships for those from Africa to pursue a degree in computer science. For instance, the Stellenbosch University DeepMind Postgraduate Scholarships for African Students are one well-known fully funded fellowship.

There are many fully-funded scholarships that are available to those from Africa to pursue computer science studies. There is the Stellenbosch University DeepMind Postgraduate Scholarships for African Students is one well-known fully funded fellowship.

From Here Down Is The Full List Of 10 Best Fully Funded Computer Science Scholarships

1. Google Rise Award

Google Rise Award Google Rise Award here ranks top of our list of computer science scholarships that are fully funded. scholarships. There aren’t any tuition fees related to this scholarship in computer science since it is entirely funded. It is currently accepting competent students in computer science from across the globe.

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However, you must satisfy the criteria to be qualified to be eligible for Google Rise Award. The scholarship is intended to aid charities across the globe.

The academic standing of the student or the subjects of study isn’t used to award scholarships. Instead, emphasis is put on promoting education in computer science.

The Computer Science Scholarship is available to students from a variety of nations. The winners receive anywhere between $30,000 and $25,000. worth of financial aid.

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2. Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

This is the second highest rating of all fully funded computer science scholarships. This is because the National Security Agency oversees this financial aid program (NSA). Students who are planning to pursue studies in computer sciences, computer engineering as well as electrical engineering are advised to submit an application for the grant.

The candidate selected will receive a minimum $30,000 per year for tuition and fees.

The scholars must be studying in full-time, maintain a GPA of 3.0 or more and be willing to be a part of the NSA.

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3. Google Lime Scholarship

In our third list of fully-funded computer science-related scholarships, we’ve got The Google Lime Scholarship. The main goal of this scholarship is to motivate young people to consider jobs as leaders of the future in technology and computing.

Computer science graduates as well as students can submit an application for Google Lime Scholarship.

If you are planning to attend full-time in a college or university in the United States or the United Kingdom then you’re eligible for Google Lime Scholarship. Google Lime Scholarship.

A grant of $10,000 is awarded to American students studying computer science. In addition, the award is $5,000 for Canadian students.

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4. Adobe – Research Women in Technology Scholarship

Here’s the fourth most highly evaluated of all the fully paid computer science scholarships. It is the Research Women in Technology Scholarship that assists female undergraduate students in computer science.

If you’re an undergraduate student who is full-time at any institution, you can have the chance of winning $10,000 in financial aid along with one year of membership to Adobe Cloud.

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A research mentor can also assist you in preparing for an internship at Adobe.

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5. American Association of University Women

American Association of University Women is rated 5th in our list of computer science fully funded scholarships. Because of this concept that they have become the American Association of Universities is one of the most sought-after organizations that promote gender equality for girls and women in the field of education at every level including regional, local and national.

The number of scholarships awarded ranges between $2,000 and $20,000. according to recent statistics, they have more than 170,000 members and supporters who are not part of the Continental United States.

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6. Trudon Bursary for South African Undergraduate Students

This is the sixth most highly rating of all fully funded computer science fellowships on our current list. Only second and third-year students who are from South Africa and India are qualified for this fellowship that is fully funded.

The award provides students who study computer science with job opportunities.

You’ll be able to access an allowance for books, free housing, as well as money to pay for tuition if lucky enough to receive some of these scholarships.

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7. The University of Queensland Engineering and Computer Science Scholarships

This is the best seventh of all fully paid computer science scholarships. Accepting qualified applicants to apply for University of Queensland Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Scholarships.

Students from other countries with a similar educational level and those from the local community who’ve completed their Year 12 can both apply to the program.

If they wish to enroll in an academic program at the school, national and international students can apply to apply for scholarships. University of Queensland Electrical and Computer Science Scholarships.

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8. NIH-NIAID Emerging Leaders in Data Science Fellowship

Eighth in the rankings of all fully paid Computer science-related scholarships available, we are the NNIH-NIAID’s Emerging Leaders in Data Science Fellowship program. This award is available only to Americans who have earned the master’s level within 5 years from the appointment’s start date.

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The aim of the award is to build a huge collection of top data researchers.

If you’ve got a passion for the field of bioinformatics, data science, and data science This is the right opportunity and the time to make a successful job.

The beneficiaries typically receive a range of benefits, including the annual stipend, which ranges between $67,500 and $85,000 100% health insurance and a travel allowance of $60,000 as well as a $3,5000 education allowance.

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9. Mastercard Foundation/Arizona State University 2021 scholarship program Young Africans

This is the second and last of our list of fully-funded computer science scholarships. In the next 3 years (2022-2025) twenty-five, Mastercard Foundation graduates will be qualified to earn master’s degrees in a variety of careers thanks to a partnership with Arizona State University and the Mastercard Foundation.

Students may apply for 5 scholarships that will pay the entire cost of tuition as well as housing costs and other costs associated with their two-year master’s degree program.

As part of the overall Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Arizona State University, Scholars are also able to participate in the development of their leadership skills as well as one-on-one mentoring, among other activities, along with receiving financial aid.

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10. Fully Funded Victoria University of Wellington Fuji Xerox Masters Scholarships in New Zealand

The scholarship, which comes with the Full Funding amount of NZD 25,500 to pay the cost of tuition and stipend it is awarded by The University of Wellington and is considered to be among the best Computer science scholarship that is fully funded.

Every person in the country is eligible for this award.

If the proposed subject is economically viable, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand is offering Fuji Xerox Masters Scholarships that will help students studying for their master’s degrees in computer science.

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Do we hope you find our article on the top 10 fully funded computer science scholarship helpful?

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