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Top 15 Universities in Europe for Medicine

This article will provide you with all the information about the 15 top European universities for medicine and the European study system. We also have links to all the schools on our list.

Many people dream of becoming a doctor, which is the most common job that they have before graduating high school.

If you limit your search to European medical schools, you will find a wide range of choices, including diverse teaching methods, cultural norms, or even admission requirements.

You just need to narrow down your choices and find a country that is suitable.

We have compiled a list of top medical schools across Europe to assist you in your search.

Before we look at the top medical schools in Europe, let’s take a look at why Europe is such a great place for medicine.

Before we list the best universities in Europe to study medicine, let’s learn more about the reasons why.

Many European medical programs are well-known and are available in Europe.

Studying abroad has many benefits. You may want to explore new cultures and make new friends.

Many students choose to study medicine in Europe because of the shorter program duration. The average length of medical school in the United States is between 11-15 and 8-10 years. It is because a bachelor’s degree does not require admission to European medical schools.

Studying in Europe can be cheaper. Tuition is almost always free in many European countries, even those that welcome international students. This article will explain how to study medicine in Europe for free.

Below is the complete list of 15 top universities in Europe that offer medicine.

1. University of Milan

This is our top-ranked university in Europe for medicine: the University of Milan. The International Medical School (IMS) offers English-taught surgical and medical degrees.

IMS is a 6-year program open to EU and non-EU students. It has been in operation since 2010. It is focused on innovative teaching and learning methods.

This prestigious university benefits from the long tradition in Italy of producing outstanding doctors who are eager to contribute to the vibrant international medical community. Not only is it a top-notch training ground for clinicians, but also a strong research base.

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Spain: Country
Acceptance rate: 2.

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2. University of London

This university ranks first in the UK in graduate prospects according to the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018. It is also known as one of Europe’s best universities for medicine.

For research influence, the screen was ranked #1 worldwide in the Times Higher World University Rankings 2018.

They offer many educational opportunities in science, healthcare, and paramedic/medical degrees.

Students learn from each other and collaborate to increase their knowledge of many clinical career options.

Country: UK
Acceptance rate: less than 10%

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3. Utrecht University

Utrecht University is the third best university in Europe for medicine.

The UMC Utrecht collaborates with the Utrecht University Faculty of Medicine in research and teaching for patient care.

This can be done at the Graduate School of Life Sciences or Clinical Health Sciences. They also offer a Bachelor of Science program in Medicine and Biomedical Science.

Country: Netherlands
Acceptance rate: 4%

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4. University of Oxford

In the 2019 Times Higher Education Rankings of Universities for Preclinical, Clinical, or Health Studies, Oxford’s Medical School is ranked among the top universities in Europe.

The Pre-Clinical stage and the Clinical stage of the course can be separated by the Oxford Medical School’s traditional teaching methods.

Country: UK
Acceptance rate: 9.

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5. Karolinska Institute

This is the home of one of Europe’s top universities for medicine. It is well-known for its reputation as a research and teaching hospital.

The Karolinska Institute is a leader in theoretical and practical medical knowledge.

Country: Sweden
Acceptance rate: 3.9%

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6. Charite – Universitatsmedizin

Because of its research activities, this prestigious university is unique among German universities. The institution boasts more than 3700 researchers who are working on medical innovations and technologies that will improve the world. It is one of Europe’s top-rated universities for medicine.

Germany: Country
Acceptance rate: 3.9%

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7. Heidelberg University

It has a vibrant culture both in Germany and across Europe. The institution is both one of Germany’s oldest and one of Europe’s best universities for medicine.

Its institutions were established during the Roman Empire and have produced outstanding medical students from both native populations and from non-natives.

Germany: Country
Acceptance rate: 27%

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8. LMU Munich

This is the eighth highest-rated university in Europe for medicine. The Ludwig Maximilians University has been a reliable source of medical education for many years.

This university in Germany is one of the top places to study medicine in Europe. It excels at all stages of medical education.

Germany: Country
Acceptance rate: 10%

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9. ETH Zurich

The university was founded more than 150 years ago and is renowned for its excellence in STEM research. It’s also one of Europe’s top universities for medicine.

Its international visibility and increased awareness within Europe have been helped by the school’s ranking. If you are looking to make a difference in the medical field, consider studying medicine at ETH Zurich.

Country: Switzerland
Acceptance rate: 27%

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10. KU Leuven – University of Leuven

This university is ranked tenth among all European universities that offer medicine. The Faculty of Medicine at this university is comprised of a Biomedical Sciences division, which participates in international networks and activities.

The university has a partnership with a hospital and regularly accepts international students to study medicine.

Experts at KU Leuven value research and offer many study areas in science, technology, and health.

Country: Belgium
Acceptance rate: 73%

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11. Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam is another top choice for the best universities in Europe to study medicine. This university has been included on numerous lists including the US News, Times Higher Education, and Top Universities.

The university is unique because of a number of factors, including its strengths, traits, and research initiatives.

Country: Netherlands
Acceptance rate: 39.1%

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12. Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University is one of Europe’s most respected and venerable universities. It also happens to be one of Europe’s best medical universities. It is known for its emphasis on many academic areas and promotion of variety, originality, and innovation.

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This university is home to the majority of the top-tier research in humanities, sciences, and technology.

France: Country
Acceptance rate: 100 %

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13. PSL Research University

This is our thirteenth listing of the best universities in Europe that teach medicine. This institution was founded in 2010 in order to offer opportunities for all levels of learning and excellent medical research.

There are 181 medical research labs, and a variety of helpful environments such as workshops and incubators.

France: Country
Acceptance rate: 75%

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14. University of Paris

Another top-rated university in Europe that specializes in medicine is this one. This institution is France’s first Health Faculty and offers top-quality training and cutting-edge research.

It is a top nation in Europe because of its promise and strength in the medical sector.

France: Country
Acceptance rate: 99

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15. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is #15 among Europe’s top universities for medicine. The university offers medical programs that are both intellectually stimulating as well as challenging.

You will be a medical student at the university and receive a rigorous, scientific-based medical education.

Students have the opportunity to do research and complete projects throughout their course.

Country: UK
Acceptance rate: 21%

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16. University of Zurich

This is the last thing we will discuss among all the top universities in Europe that offer medicine. Each year, 400 potential dentists, chiropractors, and doctors graduate from the University of Zurich’s Faculty of Medicine.

Their entire academic staff is dedicated to the conduct and instruction of competent, morally-sound medical research.

They operate with their four university hospitals in an internationally renowned and vibrant environment.

Country: Switzerland
Acceptance rate: 19%

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