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Are You Looking For A Tennis Scholarship?

Are you a tennis player in search of an award?

If you are, then don’t waste time and grab a pen and write notes.

Start taking action now to secure tennis scholarships.

“With the internet, we all have to ability to communicate with each other easily, free, and very fast, so leverage it for all it is worth when going after your scholarship”.

Go, let’s get busy!

Make the “Dream List” of schools you would like to be a part of.

Be sure to perform at that level.

Ask your coaches and parents’ advice but stick to your gut instincts in your final decision.

After you create your list.

The time has come to build an athlete profile. Write it down in a word document and then save it as a PDF file so that you can forward this to the coaches.

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Incorporate all your accomplishments throughout your career in your junior years and three recommendations from professors or business professionals.

Then, create videos.

You should be playing matches or practicing.

When you begin the video, introduce yourself to them and say thank you for taking the time to watch, and, at the conclusion of the film, you should tell your audience how you could contribute to your team and what you can bring to the table as a participant.

Begin to contact coaches.

You can send them an email containing your personal details.

They will then request you to send them your video, so send it in.

The following thing is crucial in securing your award.

Call them three days after you have sent the email and pitch your reasons for them to find YOU.

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Create a script and practice it until you have the script by heart. You can anticipate their questions, and prepare your PowerPoint.

Chat to them in an informal and casual way.

It will also enable you to manage the entire conversation from beginning to end.

Keep checking in every 2 weeks, especially if you start to feel that something isn’t right, this isn’t likely to occur at that school.

Get them off your dream list and substitute them with a different school.

Do not worry about it.

If you implement this plan into practice with a planned strategy and you continue to implement it with a positive attitude and a clear goal.

You’ll receive your scholarship quickly.

Since coaches are able to see that you’ve got your act together and you’re self-directed.

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Coaches at all levels are searching for integrity, character, and the ability to lead.

Start working on each of these qualities today and improve them as soon as you can.


That’s it!

“Follow these steps and start with the end goal in mind and set strong intentions and never allow anyone or anybody to break your intentions, which is to do whatever it takes to get a tennis scholarship”.

And it’s done!

Another aspect.

Utilize the numbers (colleges that you call initially) until the numbers start getting results for you!

Contact as many schools as you’re able to start, and continue to contact them until you’ve got five of them interested in hiring you.


It’s a matter of managing the process.

You’re all set…

I wish you and your new recruits all the best too!

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