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Free Universities For International Students In Berlin

Are you an international student Are you looking to study at a Berlin university for free? You are in the right place. This article will look at 7 Berlin universities that offer international students a free education.

Berlin, Germany’s capital is the largest and most populous country. It is known for its research and educational institutions. The country has approximately 30 research universities. This article will give you an overview of seven free universities in Berlin for international students.

7 Universities for International Students in Berlin

These are the free universities that Berlin offers to international students:

1. Free University of Berlin

The Berlin-based Free Institution of Berlin, also known as FU Berlin or FU Berlin, is a public research university. It is one of Berlin’s free universities for international students. It was founded in 1948. It is one of Germany’s most prestigious universities and has seen tremendous growth over the years. It is known for its extensive research.

The university has four campuses. The university offers undergraduate and graduates degree programs in a wide range of subjects, including medicine, law, and natural sciences. It has four centers of excellence as well as more than 12 schools. Its most popular programs are in natural sciences, life sciences, and social sciences.

The Free University of Berlin is a popular choice for international students who want to study in Berlin. This is because the university has a tuition-free status. Like other universities, the Free University of Berlin offers scholarships to students in order to help them pay their tuition.

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2. Humboldt University of Berlin

Berlin’s Humboldt Institution of Berlin, a public research university, is located in Berlin’s heart. The university was established in 1809. The university is divided into nine faculties that offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as courses covering over 190 subjects. Humboldt is one of the Berlin universities that are free to international students.

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There is also an accredited medical school. The university currently has more than 33,000 students hailing from over 150 countries. Humboldt University is the mother of all modern universities. It attracts students from all parts of the world.

Students choose Humboldt University because it offers free education. It is among Berlin’s tuition-free universities. The university offers a high-quality education but does not charge tuition. Students are also provided with a stipend to help cover their living expenses.

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3. Berlin University of Arts

Berlin University of Arts is an art school that is located in Berlin. It was established in 1696. It is Europe’s oldest and most prestigious art school. There are four colleges at the university that offer degrees in architecture, music, design, and art as well as fine arts.

Berlin University of Arts boasts a highly-respected academic faculty. Students can study with some of the most talented artists and designers in the world at this university. The fine arts department offers a visual arts degree.

The selection process for visual arts students is highly competitive. Only a few students are chosen after an interview and an entry test.

Berlin University of Arts, one of 7 Berlin universities that offer free education to international students, is one of Berlin’s seven free universities. This university also has a high employment rate.

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4. Technical University of Berlin

The Technical Institution of Berlin, also known as the Technical Institute of Berlin and TU Berlin, is a public research university located in Berlin. It was established in 1879 as an engineering university.

The university has seven faculties that offer degree programs in engineering, life sciences, and law. The institution is well-known for its engineering faculty and departments, especially mechanical engineering.

It has contributed significantly to the advancement and development of technology all over the globe. The university has been home to eleven Nobel Laureates and a number of other scientists and researchers. Its architecture programs are also well-known around the globe.

The Technical University of Berlin offers quality education, just like the 7 other free universities in Berlin for international students that we have already mentioned.

If students perform well at the university, they may be eligible for scholarships based on their merit or research potential. The Technical University of Berlin offers free tuition, but students might be charged an administration fee.

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5. University of Potsdam

The University of Potsdam, a Berlin-based university for public research, is located in Potsdam. It was established in 1991. There are now four campuses of the University of Potsdam.

The university has five faculties. The university offers degrees in philosophy, law, human sciences, and the arts, among others.

It is home to the best-known philosophy programs. There are many English-language programs offered by the university, including Ph.D. degrees.

Students come from all parts of the world to study at the university. The university has more than 20,000 students hailing from over 70 countries. The university boasts a faculty that includes over 1900 highly-skilled individuals.

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The University of Potsdam, like the 7 other Berlin universities that are free to international students, offers tuition-free education.

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6. University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics Berlin

The largest university in Eastern Germany is the University of applied sciences in engineering and economics Berlin. It is next on our list.

Although the institution was founded in 1994, it can be traced back to the Technical School for Demontage, Montage, and Design, established in 1874.

International students can receive tuition-free education at the university’s 2 campuses.

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7. Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin is the last of these 7 universities that are free for international students.

BHT Berlin, Berlin’s second largest university of applied sciences, was founded in 1823. Its origins can be traced back to 1823 when it was established as the Royal Academy for Gardening. The Berlin Beuth Academy for Engineering was then named after it, and the current name was adopted in 2009.

BHT Berlin is made up of one faculty (Economics & Social Science), and seven departments. The University covers many subjects, including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering & Geography, and Architecture & Building Technology.

BHT Berlin does not charge tuition to international students, just like other German public universities. For international students, there is a minimum charge of 300+ Euros per semester.

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