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Best Public Universities in France You Should Checkout

France, also known as the French Republic is a country in Europe’s northwest. Paris is the capital of France and home to more than 67 million people.

France is a country that values education, with a 99% literacy rate. This country dedicates 21% of its annual national budget to education growth.

Recent statistics show that France is the seventh best country for education. France is home to many public schools, in addition to an excellent education system.

France has more than 84 colleges offering free education. This article includes the 10 best French public universities.

It would be interesting to see if any of these institutions are also international student public universities.

Let’s first discuss the advantages of public collages before we dive into the list.

  • Rich curriculum: Both public and private universities follow the French Ministry of Education’s National Curriculum.
  • France has no tuition fees and public institutions are free.
  • After graduation, there are many opportunities. Even as an international student you can still find work in France after you graduate.

Below is the complete list of 10 top French universities.

1. Paris Cite University

Our top-ranked French university is Paris Cite University. They collaborate with London, Berlin and the European University Association Circle U. Its purpose is closely controlled by the education code.

More than 52,000 students are enrolled at the school, with more than 16% coming from other countries.

They have a school that is ready to fulfill the aspirations and needs of students from all over the world. They are thorough and have a passion for success.

They offer top-notch graduate-level academic research. They have 21 libraries and 119 labs to facilitate learning.

Paris Location:

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2. Universite Paris–Saclay

This is our second ranking of the best public universities in France. They have over 47,000 students and collaborate with over 400 higher education institutions around the world.

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This school has an excellent reputation and offers accredited training opportunities for licensure, Masters’s degrees, or doctorates.

They lead their students through a rigorous research-based curriculum in 275 labs.

This university consistently ranks amongst the best universities for research output. As part of their academic program, they offer mobility experiences.

Paris Location:

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3. University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux is ranked third among all French public universities. More than 55,000 students are enrolled, and more than 13% of them come from overseas. Experts provide on-site guidance for their students.

A recent estimate shows that they receive more than 7,000 international students each year. There are eleven research departments, all of which work together to achieve the same goal.

It’s possible to complete a mobility experience while still pursuing your degree.

Location: Bordeaux

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4. Universite de Lille

This university is fourth on our list of top public universities in France. There are 67,000 students hailing from 145 countries. More than 12% of these students are international.

Their research covers a broad range of topics, from applied to fundamental, to small-scale domestic studies, to large-scale global studies.

They have access to local, national, and global resources that will help them achieve greatness.

This institution offers international students the opportunity to intern in their home countries.

Location: Lille

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5. Universite de Strasbourg

Here, the Universite de Strasbourg is ranked #5 on our list of top public universities in France. They have a partnership with over 750 universities in 95 countries. They also collaborate with over 175 institutions around the world and more than 400 institutions in Europe.

There are 72 research units that cover all disciplinary areas. There are more than 52,000 students enrolled, with 21% coming from abroad.

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To give their students the best education possible, they take great care to make sure that they include the latest scientific advances.

Because they have many agreements for cooperation, they offer mobility between institutions around Europe and the rest of the world.

They actively contribute to the advancement of social sciences and humanities, despite being experts in many other subjects such as medicine and biotechnology.

Location: Strasbourg

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6. Sorbonne Universite

This sixth ranking of the best public universities in France includes Sorbonne Universite. They have a variety of partnerships with over 1,200 companies. They offer double courses and double bachelor’s degrees in science and humanities.

ESSILOR and Pierre Fabre are large groups of corporations with 10 joint laboratories. Thales is one of them.

More than 15500 of the more than 55,500 students come from abroad.

The school strives to be a leader in global innovation, creativity, diversity, and inclusion.

With the support of the student community, they strive to achieve the best for their students and encourage personal growth.

They also give their students the access and tools they need to make appointments with psychologists.

Paris Location:

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7. University of Montpellier

This university is ranked seventh among all French public universities. More than 50,000 students attend, with more than 15% coming from outside France.

They openly welcome foreign students by displaying a label reading “welcome France”, which demonstrates their openness and consideration.

They offer 600 courses at 17 locations. They are mobile, change-driven, and research-based.

You can choose from a range of training options. They cover many disciplines such as engineering and biology, chemistry, and politics.

To support students’ studies, they have 14 libraries and associated libraries. They have a 94% occupational integration rate.

Location: Montpellier

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8. Ecole Normale superieure de Lyon

Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon is ranked eighth on the list of the top French public universities.

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They also collaborate with 194 colleges. To achieve great results, their many science divisions work closely with the laboratory.

There are approximately 2,300 students from 78 countries.

They can avoid discrimination by following the ministry’s advice to “Recruit. Welcome. and Integrate without Discrimination.” This allows for diversity and equality.

Because they are an inter-disciplinary institution, they have 21 collaborative research units. They also offer a customized follow-up to students who are enrolled in courses.

Location: Lyon

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9. Paris Sciences et Lettres Universite

Our ninth-ranked list of top public universities in France includes Paris Sciences et Lettres Universite. There are more than 17,000 students. 20% of them come from other countries.

According to the 2021-2022 curriculum, they offer 62 degrees that range from undergraduate to doctoral.

They provide a wide range of opportunities for world-class education throughout a lifetime at both the organizational and professional levels.

The university has a relationship with over 3,000 companies. They also welcome new researchers every year.

As part of its mission to be a world-class academic institution, they have 181 research labs.

Paris Location:

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10. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1.

This is the last thing we will discuss in our ranking of France’s top public universities. There are more than 47,000 students. 10% of them come from 134 countries.

They are known for their innovative research and high-quality instruction. They offer degree programs in many disciplines, including science, technology, sport, and health.

This institution is part of the Universite De Lyon in Paris. There are 62 research units.

Location: Lyon

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