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Top 10 Free Online IT Courses with Certificates

This list contains the top 10 online IT courses that come with a certificate. Are you looking for a new job or to advance in your IT career? You will be able to benefit from learning new information technology (I.T.). skill.

Are you aware of the financial benefits of earning certificates? According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research, people with current certificates reportedly enrolled in the labor market at a higher level. The unemployment rate in the United States was lower for those who had certificates than those who did not.

Did you know that IT workers who have credentials tend to make more than those who don’t?

It is difficult to keep up with the pace of new technology, especially considering how fast they are being invented. This is where online IT courses that are self-paced and come with completion certificates are available.

Below is the complete list of the top 10 free online IT courses with certificates

1. Introduction to Linux

Our #1 rated online IT course with a certificate is Introduction to Linux. This IT course is for both beginners and professionals who wish to improve their Linux skills or refresh their knowledge.

Practical Linux knowledge will be available, including the ability to use the command line and the graphical user interface for all major Linux distributions.

The Linux Foundation developed this free online course and it is available through the edx platform. There is also an audit option.

The course can be completed in approximately 14 weeks, even though it is self-paced. If you work 5 to 7 hours per day, you will be able complete it. You will receive a certificate once you’re done. However, you might need to pay $169 to get the certificate.

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2. Machine Learning Fundamentals for Healthcare

This is the second-best online IT course with a certificate. This IT course covers the application of core concepts and principles of machine learning in the healthcare and medical industries. Stanford University developed the course to bring together machine learning and medicine.

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The Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Healthcare outlines the methodology and includes examples from the medical sector, machine learning methods, best practices, and healthcare measures.

You can access the online course via the Coursera platform. It could take seven to eight weeks for you to complete the 12-hour course.

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3. Cryptocurrency Engineering Design

We have Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design, which are the best-rated online IT courses that come with a certificate.

This course is designed to teach students the engineering principles behind the cryptocurrency. This IT course will teach you about how cryptocurrencies work and what they look like.

Additional topics include network theory, cryptography, game theory, and more. This course was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and is now available online via their e-learning system, MIT Open Courseware. This self-paced, free course gives you access to over 25 hours of material.

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4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This is our fourth list of online IT courses that include a certificate. Coursera has a number of courses in data science, which is why data science is becoming more important. We chose this IBM-created course.

This professional certificate course will help you understand the basics of data science. You will also gain practical experience using the libraries, tools, and other resources that data scientists use.

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5. AI and Big Data for Global Health Improvements

Our list of online IT courses that include a certificate is #5: AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvements. You could complete the AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvements IT Certificate course in just four weeks if you spent an hour per week.

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The course can be completed at your own pace so you don’t have to follow a set time. The course is offered by Taipei Medical University via the Future study online learning platform. You can purchase the certificate for $59 or you can audit the course free of charge.

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6. Information Systems Auditing, Controls, and Assurance

This is the sixth free online IT course with a certificate. This free online IT course was developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It is available via a few learning platforms including Coursera. The course’s study materials and resources take approximately 8 hours.

The course is expected to last approximately 4 weeks. The online course is completely free. However, you can opt to audit it. You can pay for the certificate depending on how your studies are structured. However, this decision is up to you.

You will be granted full access to the course and certificate if you have submitted a financial aid application and met the requirements.

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7. Introduction to Networking

We are the top-rated online IT course with a certificate and we are the seventh best.

The New York University created this free online course. However, it is now delivered via the Edx platform. You can self-pace the course and there’s an Audit option for those who want to only have access to course materials.

If you wish to obtain a certificate after the course, however, you will need to pay $149.

Students are advised to take the course for at least 3-5 hours each week in order to complete it in seven weeks. The training can be tailored to your specific needs, so don’t worry if networking is not something you are familiar with.

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8. CompTIA A+ Certification Course

This is the eighth free online IT course with a certificate. This free online IT course is offered by Cybrary through the class central website.

The course materials for the online IT course are available in just two hours. The course materials are completely free and you can start and finish at your own pace.

CompTIA A+ is a recognized certification for people who want to work in technical support or operational IT. Although the CompTIA A+ full certification is not available through this course, you will still be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

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9. E-commerce Marketing Course

Our ninth list includes the Ecommerce Marketing Training Course. This course was created by HubSpot Academy and is available on their site. As a way of creating an e-commerce strategy, the inbound marketing technique will be taught in the eCommerce marketing training course.

This is the second course in their eCommerce classes. This course teaches you how to create an effective eCommerce plan to attract customers and keep them interested in your products.

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10. Cybersecurity fundamentals

This is the last thing we will discuss in this list. This I.T. course will introduce you to the world of computing security. course. The course can be completed in approximately 8 weeks if you work 10-12 hours per week.

This course was created by the Rochester Institute of Technology and is now available on the edx platform. This course is not available in all countries due to licensing issues. The course is not open to anyone from Iran, Cuba, and the Ukrainian Crimean Peninsula.

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