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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022

This is to notify you that the online portal for the student’s special assistance scheme popularly known as the Scholarships award program is ongoing. Students with financial constraints can grab this opportunity so to help and support them throughout their academy stay

Tastic Bursary

This offer is only available for a limited time, so this is to inform all students aspiring for the ongoing bursary fund program, to submit their application online and also read the terms and application conditions via the link below.

The scholarship offers the following benefits:

  • Cost of tuition.
  • Allowance for living in the form of a stipend.
  • Return air ticket (economy class).
  • Grant for research (if requested).
  • One-time arrival allowance.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates must pass the mentioned eligibility criteria. There should not be any exceptions or the application will be rejected.

  • The candidate must hold citizenship in a Commonwealth country.
  • The candidate must apply for the scholarship in a country other than their own. If your chosen university (in another country) has a campus within your country as well, you are not eligible to apply to it.
  • The candidate must apply to a middle or low-income Commonwealth country.
  • The candidate must have completed their undergraduate degree before applying.
  • The candidate must not have started the course before applying for the scholarship.
  • The candidate must apply for a Master’s level degree only. The course should not be more than two years.
  • The English language requirements differ according to the university of your choice to refer to the details given on the university’s page.
  • The candidates need to get approval from QECS to apply for any other source of funding or scholarship.
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NOTE:  Candidates must keep in mind the following:

  • There are two cycles of application as sessions are started in July-October and January-February. It depends on the host country of your choice.
  • Candidates can apply to more than one host country.
  • The scholarship will not cover the application fee for the university.
  • The deadline will not be extended.

How to apply?

Candidates need to register an account on MyACU before applying for the scholarship. Click here to register.

Follow the instructions after registering to access the application form. Click here to login into the MyACU account.

Documents Required

All the mentioned documents must be uploaded with the application form. If any document is false or missing, the application will be rejected.

  • Certified copies of ID documents.
  • Certified copies of academic records and transcripts.
  • Degree certificate of graduation.
  • English Language test certificate, if required.
  • Record of employment.
  • Details of application to the university.
  • Two Academic references. If academic references are not available, professional references from an employer can be submitted as well.
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Along with the documents, three statements need to submit as well. The points which need to be addressed in the statements are given below:

  • Statement 1: Plan of study

    • The reason behind choosing the course and what intrigues you about the course.
    • The reason behind taking the course in the institution and country of choice.
    • Analysis is done by the candidate for choosing the university.
    • Relevance of the course for your future goals.
    • The qualities of your previous qualifications and experiences make you suitable for this course.
    • It should be within 200-400 words.
  • Statement 2: Development impact and post-study outreach

    • Describe a problem in your country that you think needs to be addressed. Your plans on tackling the challenge.
    • Role of your chosen course in solving the problem.
    • Benefits expected from the course in terms of skills.
    • Application of the skills and education in improving your community’s conditions after returning.
    • The UN sustainable development goal your course relates to the most. There can be more than one.
    • The role of the study in contributing towards the goal.
    • It should be within 300-500 words.
  • Statement 3: Creating networks

    • Describe how you have formed professional networks. For example, studies, work, volunteering, cultural events, or commonwealth organizations.
    • The use of the said networks is something you have achieved. What was the achievement?
    • How will the course help in furthering these connections?
    • It should be within 200-400 words.
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The candidates must take care while filling out the application form as no amendments can be made after submission.

Closing Date

The applications will be closed on 24 May 2022. All the applicants must complete the application process before the deadline as no late submissions will be extended.

Contact Details

Any queries regarding the scholarship can be sent via email at: info-qecs@acu.ac.uk

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