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All About ISIC Card, and What It Means

The identification card for students is mandatory by nearly every institution and university in Canada as well as across the United States. There aren’t just a few student ID cards, however. The only internationally recognized Student ID is called known as the International Student Identity Card. The ISIC card serves as proof of full-time status, but also provides access to over 150,000 discount coupons both in the US and abroad.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It’s true that the life of an international student is already a jumble of application forms to be completed and various obstacles to overcome. Are you willing to go through the hassle to obtain the ISIC card? Today, we’ll review everything you must be aware of about ISIC cards to help you make an informed choice.

What Is ISIC Card & What Does It Do?

ISIC card, as previously stated. ISIC card as mentioned is proof of the status of a full-time student and a range of discounts for students. These cards are offered by the ISIC Association, a non-profit organization based in Denmark. The card was established through ISIC Association in 1953. ISIC Association in 1953 to promote intercultural understanding and increase the opportunities for education. Student organizations, academic institutions as well as governments across 130 countries are now accepting this ISIC card. Each year, more than 5 million ISIC cards are purchased by students.

Who Can Get The Card?

It is necessary to be a full-time, full-time student who is over the age of 12 and is currently enrolled at the institution of study, school, or university in order to be qualified. The card does not have a maximum age, however, you must prove that you are an active student. If you’re on off from school for a while and want to check with the local ISIC issuer to determine whether you’re still qualified.

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What Kind Of Discounts Can I Get?

The International Student Identity Card is specifically designed to meet the needs of students. Students can make use of this card for savings on items such as entertainment, food, and travel expenses in their everyday life.

Discounts and benefits are available to cardholders around the world:

  • There are over 2800 cultural and museum sites across the United States.
  • There are over 2,400 hostels as well as affordable hotels in the area.
  • There are over 1,200 airlines as well as coaches, buses trains, ferries, and other transportation within the United States.
  • There are over 2700 things to see.
  • There are more than 21,000 bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues within the city.

The official website for the ISIC includes a comprehensive listing of discounts. Its search tool, which is simple to use, will inform you of the discounts that are offered in your local area.

How Do I Apply?

Online The fastest and most efficient method to apply for a credit card is online. Just visit ISIC’s ISIC website, select your country, fill in the application form and upload any necessary documents:

  • In jpg or jpeg format, your digital photo. It is best to use an image of your passport, however, an image with a blue or white background will suffice.
  • A scan that proves your full-time status clearly displays the date on which it was issued. The university card or the official acceptance letter are two examples of student status documents.
  • A scan from your identification photo (passport or driver’s license, for instance).
  • The method you use to pay (PayPal or credit card).
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Check out The ISIC offices for issuing There is also the option to purchase a credit card at any ISIC issuer’s office. They are located everywhere in the world Make sure you verify that they are near the place you live. It is mandatory to submit all the information above.


Q1. What’s the acronym for? ISIC?

ISIC is the abbreviation used to describe the International Students Identity Card.

Q2. Does the ISIC Card an investment worth it?

A Yes, it’s worth the cost. With more than 110 million cards being issued in more than 130 countries since 1968 ISIC ISIC is a widely recognized card that gives the holder access to discounts of over 150,000 across the globe, which includes food, books, and lodging.

Q3. Is it required for me to be able to use the ISIC card?

Your card needs to be activated. You can fill out the application on the card activation page to complete the process. The credit card is activated in two days once your ISIC Team has reviewed the details.

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Q4. What are the benefits that come with possessing the ISIC student card?

It is the International Students Identity Card, (ISIC) is recognized and is issued in more than 130 countries around the globe. It has more than 4000 partners and gives substantial discounts on flights, accommodation, food, shopping and international calls, and many other services. It also offers savings on courses and educational software.

Q5. What is the price of the ISIC card?

It was cheap. The charge to issue this card is only Rs 300. HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card, for instance, is just Rs 300.

Q6. What countries recognize this International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) card?

The card can be used in more than 133 countries around the globe including India and Europe, the United States, and Europe.

Q7: Who can be eligible to apply for an application for a Card for a Student Card Application?

You may make an application for the ISIC Student Card If you’re over older than 12 and have the proper documentation to show that you are a student.

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